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Timely Tuesdays: Squatters and a Sunless Day for Labour in the News

September 29, 2009

Margaret Thatcher -- free for tea?                      [Photo by Rahuldlucca]

Here’s a weekly round-up of U.K. news– the serious, stylish, sentimental and outright silly:

Serious News

  • Gordon Brown: Don’t let the Sun Go Down on Me Rupert Murdoch’s “policy is to always support political winners,” reports the Guardian, so his tabloid paper’s turnabout (Sun headline: “Labour’s Lost It”) casts a cloud over the party as its conference gets underway in Brighton. Labour can’t get anything right, it seems; even Brown’s music choices are fodder for critics.
  • Squatters invite Maggie Thatcher round to tea — It’s the neighborly thing to do, explained one of the men living rent-free in a £12 million Belgravia mansion on the same block as her security-patrolled home. In a city as costly as London, “we should be allowed to use these houses,” averred one of the freelance tenants. “Lots of them are empty and often the owners live abroad.”

Life and Style

  • Cushy landing: British Airways’s newest direct flight from New York brings you into the small, sleek and handy-to-the-financial-district London City Airport. In business class — 32 flat-bed seats on an A318 that could otherwise accommodate 110. Not all reviews are glowing but, at these prices (“special” is £900 each way), few will put it to the test.

the Off Beat

  • Wee Bit of Yoga on Offer on Scottish Rock Followers of Swami Ramdev Ji, whose teachings are said to cure cancer and AIDs, have paid £2 million for a Scottish island where the guru can teach in posh surroundings.
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