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Design Museum Cakes: Bleccch

October 1, 2009

I hate to look a gift-cake in the mouth (?) but, after seeing these photos from the London Design Museum’s p.r. shop, I considered reneging on my promise to post the best of last week’s birthday bake-off. The challenge to bakers, you may recall, was to celebrate iconic design. I will grant that some entries (like the tube map) managed to allude to modern design. But, if the cakes themselves aren’t well designed — or even appetizing — well …

A disappointment. I think I did better myself about 10 years ago when I fashioned a 4th-birthday circus train using loaf pans, Oreo-cookie wheels, and props and toppings including popcorn, clown figurines, and Playmobil elephants and lions.

Okay, so if you had to pick a “winner,” which one would it be? I’ve written the judges’ choice below, but don’t look until you’ve made your own pick.

London Underground map, not for pocket use.

London Underground map, not for pocket use.

Nostalgia points for Routemaster bus.

Routemaster bus gets nostalgia points.

Yellow telly.

Yellow telly.

Kitschy kupcake.

Kitschy kupcake.

And the winner was …

envelope, please …

the telephone.
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  1. October 1, 2009 3:25 pm

    I like the tube map!

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