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Timely Tuesdays: Butterflies and Harry Potter in the News

October 6, 2009

AngloFiles’s weekly round-up of U.K. news– sober, stylish, sentimental, sporty, or outright silly.

  • Jurists by William Hogarth. (Courtesy of The Yorck Project, Wikimedia Commons)

    Jurists by William Hogarth. (Photo courtesy of The Yorck Project, Wikimedia Commons)

    Wigging Out? Lords Yield to Supremes in British Courts The House of Lords has ceased to be the highest court in the land, since the United Kingdom’s new Supreme Court was sworn in Thursday. Proceedings will be televised but transparency could be better, observers carp. Still, in a step forward (into the 19th century?), justices will eschew wigs, the Scotsman reports, though Justice Lady Hale did ask for “a hat as part of her ceremonial outfit.”

  • Tony Blair for President? Of Europe, people, not the U.S., so don’t get all excited. In a referendum, Irish voters this week have nearly sealed the deal on a European Union treaty combining members in a nation-like federation with a constitution, a joint foreign policy … and a president. Ex-P.M. Tony Blair — long disdained by even Labourite Britons as “too presidential” for English political tastes — is widely touted for the post. In Europe, anyway: Sarkozy is for it, but the British public say “no” in polling.
  • Restaurant Reality Times of London sums up Virgin TV’s latest kitchen konfidential: For anyone who’s ever given a successful dinner party and idly wondered what it would be like to open a restaurant, this programme provides the answer: it would be hell on earth.
  • Chessmen Reunited With 24 figurines prised from the British Museum’s tight fists and another half dozen already in Scotland, pieces of the 12th-century “Lewis” chess-set will tour Scotland from May 2010. Described as one of Scotland’s greatest archaeological finds (uncovered in 1831), they actually originated, most likely, in Norway.
  • by Aginorz

    by Aginorz

  • Butterfly Blitz — Outnumbering even American anglophiles (and AngloFiles), some billion Painted Ladies may roam Britain this season, as an Indian summer brings a profusion of lepidoptera.
  • Harry Potter learns to Drive Going from limo to Learner’s Permit, Harry Potter and Equusstar Daniel Radcliffe, 20,  retreated to the supposedly quiet roads of Devon to learn to drive. Yes, London traffic is rough, but we at AngloFiles have driven in Devon and we say, good luck to him. Lesson One: Learning to squeeze at speed between gigantic hedges and more gigantic lorries.
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