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Timely Tuesdays: The Queen’s Dressmaker and Blair for Prez in the News

October 27, 2009

AngloFiles’s weekly round-up of U.K. news– sober, stylish, sentimental, sporty, or outright silly.

  • Woman Gives Birth on Hackney Bus It’s a wise bus driver who pulls over before midwifing. The lucky mom gave her little guy the middle name Dennis, for the manufacturer of his rolling delivery room.
  • U.K. Jockeying Over a European Candidacy Assuming the Lisbon Treaty for European federalism leaps its final hurdle, Tony Blair hopes to assume the Union’s new presidency. U.K. Foreign Minister David Milliband is pro, but the Tories are against the former PM’s taking the helm of what News of the World ominously calls “an E.U. Superstate.”
  • Court to Rule: Is “Jewish” Religious or Racial? Britain’s Supreme Court faces a Solomonic descision about how Jewish schools allocate limited student spots. A question of religious discrimination on its face, the case also echoes Israel’s contentious debate over Jewish identity and conversions.
  • Boys and Their Toys Thanks to the Guardian for a pedal-to-the-medal trifecta: (1) A former police officer was sentenced to prison for mowing a woman down at 100 m.p.h. upon leaving the station house. (2) An inquest deemed “reckless” flying the cause of an RAF jet’s fatal crash. (3) And (just good fun?), here’s a video of Daddy’s day out at the “Daytona” Go-Kart track in South London.Queen Eliz in hat by WoodleyWonderWorks
  • Queen’s Dressmaker’s Archives Open This Week A permanent exhibition of letters and sketches by Sir Hardy Amies, who dressed the queen and is credited with putting British couture on the map, opens Monday at 14 Savile Row. Amies dismissed women designers, including Chanel, and admired Wallis Simpson’s style, but wouldn’t dress her, says the Telegraph. (But will the exhibit f inally reveal if it’s Elizabeth herself who insists on the matchy-matchy hats?)
  • Fashion Shoot Open to Public Two-way mirrors and simultaneous webcast offer “the ultimate in tantalising voyeurism” for fashion fans as part of the SHOWStudio exhibition at Somerset House. Web viewers and paying public (admission £5) can observe a live shoot by set designer Shona Heath and photographer Tim Gutt. Action starts at noon tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.
  • “Regrets Only:” AngloFiles TGIF Goes Live AngloFiles launched our new column this week on Anglotopia, one of our favorite A’phile destinations. Lady Di came first; next week, we’re covering the “Studio 54” of George III’s London. Come back every other week — or subscribe — to read about another great or not-so-great party from Britain then and now that you (may be glad you) missed.

the Queen's chapeau by WoodleyWonderWorks on Flickr
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