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Timely Tuesdays: A Gay Old Time for Royal Mail, in the News

November 4, 2009

AngloFiles’s weekly round-up of U.K. news – sober, stylish, sentimental, sporty, or outright silly.

  • Royal Mail a Royal Pain British mail workers’ periodic 24-hour work stoppages — which they vow to continue if labor demands aren’t met — could lead to a backlog of 150 million letters and packages, the union claims. Preposterous, say Mail authorities. “Only” 35 million items have been stalled so far. As negotiations drag on, disclosure of the postal service chief’s outrageously high pay hasn’t helped matters.
  • US and Scotland Sleeping in Separate Beds Over Lockerbie, but marriage will last, says new U.S. ambassador to UK. On a visit to Edinburgh, he acknowledged anger in Washington over Scotland’s release of the convicted bomber, but said the spat won’t rupture ties.
  • Some Ppl R Gay poster

    Boris-Endorsed: official "Back-to-School Campaign" ad

    Schools for Scandal? A special government Schools Adjudicator has suggested prosecution might be in order for parents who use fake addresses to win coveted spots in popular state (in the U.S., “public”) schools. But the case is also being made that officials take schools enforcement too far when they use closed-circuit anti-terrorism cameras to spy on innocent mums suspected of submitting false addresses.

  • Hate Crimes in Focus Vigils in London and Liverpool protested the homophobic gang murder of London reveler Ian Baynham and the more recent beating of James Parkes, a gay Liverpool police cadet, by 12 teenaged boys. (He is recovering from head injuries.) The events were promoted on Facebook and blogs. Reports of hate crimes rose in 2008, but that may reflect greater trust in police as much as crime rates, a good sign for Mayor Boris Johnson’s tolerance campaign.
  • Cases of Porcine Grippe (H1N1, for sticklers) continue rising in England, as elsewhere. The nation’s oinky ill numbered 78,000 as of October 30, the Health Protection Authority said. England’s flu deaths (97 total to date) are getting most of the news coverage, not surprisingly, but flu-bedeviled tennis player Tom Haas is also in the spotlight. (He predicts a quick recovery.)
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