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Timely Tuesdays: Posh’s Posh Pigs, Busy Bishops in the News

November 10, 2009

Remember the fallen: Armistice Day is tomorrow, November 11.

A weekly AngloFiles round-up of U.K. news – sober, stylish, sentimental, sporty, or outright silly.

  • Cold-Seeming Gordon Brown in Hot Spot as Britons Despair on Afghanistan British opposition to military involvement in Afghansistan was already running high when the bodies of six servicemen were repatriated from this week from Afghanistan this week. But the dour prime minister’s attempts to placate a bereft and angry Jacqui Janes — after misspelling the name of her deceased son, a Grenadier Guardsman, in a sympathy note — has devolved into accusations (fed by Rupert Murdoch’s Sun tabloid) that Brown is a cold fish. The show-us-you-care brouhaha calls to mind the queen’s struggle with her own ingrained sang-froid (brilliantly plumbed by Helen Mirren in The Queen) in the wake of Princess Diana’s death.


    LOVE teacup by McCheek

    Piggy perfect.

  • Lucky Pig As a “teacup-sized” pig, you could find a worse sty than “Beckingham Palace,” the Sawbridgeworth estate of soccer star David and singer Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. The high-profile couple added two of the chic micropets to their menage, at just £700 each.
  • Are Politicians Losing God? the Pope is asking. (Did they ever know him?) Vice President Joe Biden and the newly Catholic Tony Blair are among an international minyan of Catholic pols expected to convene in 2010 with Pope Benedict XVI to discuss the decline of religion in politics.
  • Is God Losing Bankers? In a separate church venture into non-spiritual realms, bankers are defying the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call to repent for outsized financial gain. “We have to tolerate the inequality as a way to achieve greater prosperity and opportunity for all,” explained one moral philosopher on the Goldman Sachs payroll.
  • No Rubber Tree Plants Here Hairy Northern Wood Ants Not Partial to Rubber Tree Plants Northumberland’s not known for skyscrapers and still less so is its ancient Holystone oak forest, but 69 giant pine-needle mounds built there by hardworking hairy northern wood ants may put the region on the map. The map in question, by the Forestry Commission, is designed to shield the ants handiwork during a clearing out of non-native conifers. (Exotic or not, the selected stands will be spared as future insect building materials.)
  • Cheeky Burglar The South Wales Evening Post ran this headline over a page-one photo of a wanted man — a photo he submitted himself! Seems he didn’t favor the unflattering mugshot run in a previous story about his recent heist.
Teacup photo by McCheek on Flickr.

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