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Timely Tuesdays: Christmas Lights, Orphans and Marmite in the News

November 17, 2009

A weekly AngloFiles round-up of U.K. news – sober, stylish, sentimental, sporty, or outright silly.

  • “Deeply Sorry” Brown Apologizes to Exiled Orphans Gordon Brown said he was sorry again this week but, unlike in the case of the Jamie Janes condolence letter, the error this time wasn’t his own. Brown and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd both apologized on behalf of their governments for the shipping off of British orphans and children of single or impoverished parents to what were essentially penal colonies in Australia and other Commonwealth lands. In yet another case of mid-20th-century monastic brutality, perhaps the most bestial mistreatment came at the hands of Catholic devouts.
  • Marmite Pops Up on Regent Street Yeast extract — yum! Fill those Christmas stockings now: A temporary, or “pop-up,” Marmite store on Regent street sells the viscous black stuff by the jar on the ground floor (not “the first floor” — this is England, remember) and serves it on crackers in a 1950s-style tea room upstairs. Related news coverage looks to finally wear out the phrase “love it or hate it.” One can only hope. Either way, the store exists only through December.
  • Christmas Lights Shine on Reality-TV Has-Beens There’s something about TV-contest also-rans and downtown holiday displays this year. The Liverpool Echo said twinkling lights in Warrington (like Liverpool, part of the Merseyside district) were switched on by Lucie Jones, whose own lights were snuffed on ITV’s X-Factor when “Simon Cowell refused to back her over twins John and Edward.” And in nearby St. Helens, the honor went to Aidan Davies, a 12-year-old dancer who failed to go the distance on Britain’s Got Talent, the show that inspired American Idol. Meanwhile, scores were injured in Birmingham when 20,000 enthusiasts crowded downtown to see acts including  — you guessed it — X-Factor runners-up JLS, a boy band.
  • New AngloFiles TGIF Coming Friday Don’t miss the latest installment of our bi-weekly party feature on the Anglotopia blog. Like your weekend, it’s just 3 days away!
Marmite photo by Ajuorio on Flickr.
Fireworks photo by Axel Rouvin on Wikimedia.
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  1. November 18, 2009 1:56 pm

    Always plenty going on. Zombie party this weekend so I believe.


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