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We Have a Winner! New Anglo-Challenge to Follow

January 10, 2010

Congratulations to Steve Graubart, Chicago-based blogger, confirmed AngloFiles-phile, and winner of our first-ever storytelling contest. You also-rans should watch this space for another crack at a coveted AngloFiles prize with all its attendant glory. Tomorrow will bring a new contest but, as it’s more of a reader’s than a writer’s challenge, one that gives literary cognoscenti the edge.

But Mr. Graubart’s newest challenge is to choose his prize. Ooh, it’s a tough tough one — either English biscuits (“cookies,” for the rest of you Chicagoans) or a tin of veddy, veddy British tea. Steve, I’m partial myself to McVitie’s chocolate-coated HobNobs, but a cuppa’s always nice, especially for those elevenses:

Contest mavens among you will recall that Steve’s Sweet Dreams Challenge was to provide a backstory for “Visit to Cassiopoeia” (at right), a 1905 watercolor by W. G. Robertson. The work’s dreamy quality had led me to expect narratives along the lines of A.A. Milne meets Kenneth Grahame. But Steve’s rather more Larry-David-inflected setpiece swept the field.

Now, there may be cynics among you who observed that Steve’s was, ahem, the contest’s only entry. (People, where are you?!? Have you never tasted a HobNob? Supped on Ceylon brews? Release those inner Muses!) Come to think of it, for not only winning but having the gumption to enter our contest in the first place, Steve deserves BOTH the AngloFiles prizes.

So, Steve, please send us your address and tell us (via whether it will be shortbread or McVities AND Assam tea or Earl Grey that you reap for this coup.

Your final prize is a reading recommendation: Given your somewhat snarky fictional predilections, the Anglophile in you might enjoy the saucy Bagthorpe Saga youth novels. Imagine the 5 Little Peppers on chardonnay, or the Addams family as suburban muggles, where Pop ought to find a real job and Grandma cheats at Scrabble.

Update, Jan. 11, 2010: Steve has opted for Assam tea, no biscuits. There was no weeping on the medal platform, but our winner did allow that he’s touched by the judges’ (all right: “judge’s”) decision.

Robertson artwork courtesy of Peter Nahum At The Leicester Galleries.
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  1. January 11, 2010 7:50 pm

    I would like to thank the AngloFiles committee for honoring me with this award. And to my fellow nominees, had there been two or five or eight of you, though not present in the classical sense, I felt your spirit and glad tidings.

    And finally, I also want to thank Dr. Seuss (in absentia) for writing “The Cat in the Hat,” which inspired me at a young age and steered me away from those dreadful GI Joe dolls.

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