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Timely Tuesdays: Getting Blitzed with Hitler and Fish and Chips in the News

January 27, 2010

The weekly AngloFiles round-up of U.K. news – sober, stylish, sentimental, sporty, or outright silly.

Brother, can you spare a krona?

  • Nordic reparations? Iceland’s cold, hard — well, cold — cash will be on the line in a March 6 referendum on whether the Reykjavik government should have to repay some $5 billion in UK and Dutch investment losses from the collapse of IceSave bank, via legislation sullenly termed the “IceSlave bill.” Overseas funders including Norway, Finland and Denmark say they’ll pull the plug on IMF-coordinated aid to Iceland if it doesn’t make good on the debts. But the island nation’s taxpayers aren’t so sure.
  • Because some old fogies can’t take a joke, the Facebook site for “Hitler — the Drinking Game” was shut down last week, disappointing some 12,000 followers. It was really fun! Players give Nazi salutes, “interrogate” one another, and drink shots with Holocaust puns (swastika body paint optional), until everyone ends up blitzed. But the site’s two co-founders pulled the plug, one told the Huddersfield Examiner,  fearing they would be branded “boorish.” People can be so judgmental.
  • Gordon Brown’s purse is still open. President Obama might be freezing government spending (well, some of it), but P.M. Brown won’t be baited by Conservative critics into changing course and cutting expenses. Tory leader David Cameron warns Britain will go south, like Greece, if deficits aren’t pared, but Brown contends the situation is well in hand under his four-year plan.
  • Putting a kitschy twist on kitschy pop-up shops, a giant Tiffany box has sprung up in the courtyard of Neoclassical, 18th-century Somerset House to shill cupcakes and diamonds. It stands beside what Tiffany & Co. calls “London’s most glamourous ice rink,” sponsored by (did you guess?) Tiffany & Co. Thanks to Fresh Eyes on London, a favorite eye-candy blog, for this snap (click the picture for more “fresh eyes”):

  • I must be getting hungry, or why else post this flagrant incident of mouth-watering, grease-dripping reportage? The Times has rated chip shops. Thanks (I suppose!) to our friends at Anglotopia for making me drool with their update. For anyone who delivers trans-Atlantic, I like my chips with lots of salt and vinegar. Oh, and I like ’em hot:

(My husband can have my mushy peas.)

Fish and chips photo by LoopZilla.

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