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Timely Tuesdays: Bloody Monday and Helen Mirren in the News

February 2, 2010

Oscar contender Helen Mirren

The weekly AngloFiles round-up of U.K. news – sober, stylish, sentimental, sporty, or outright silly.

An Education, Colin Firth and Helen Mirren top British Oscar contenders. Mirren starred as Tolstoy’s wife in The Last Station and Firth was nominated for Best Actor in A Single Man.   An Education, the 1960s social drama by Nick Hornby (who also wrote High Fidelity) is up for Best Screenplay and, for Carey Mulligan, as the ravished/ravishing, naive yet knowing schoolgirl, Best Actress.It also snagged a Best Picture nomination in a year when, for the first time since before World War II, the category was opened up to ten films, from five. But can it beat Avatar?

“Cesspit” England radicalized the airborne Underwear Bomber, and not Nigeria, according to Nigerian political activist and Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, in an interview with the Daily Beast. Soyinka called England, “the breeding ground of fundamentalist Muslims,” where a history of colonialist arrogance has lead to over-tolerance which leads to… Well, it’s complicated. Less complicated was his complaint that the “knee jerk” U.S. decision to place Nigeria on a terror watch list targeted the wrong country, as it was in England, where he attended university, that the Nigerian would-be bomber went fundie.

“Deficit” sounds the same on both sides of the pond: Their dialects may diverge, but Gordon Brown sounded a lot like Barack Obama this week when he defended his government’s decision to spend beyond its means in the name of job-creation and stimulating the economy.

Bloody Monday? Horror writers, take note of the creepy scenario that played out yesterday at an East Sussex architecture firm. Sadly, it was real when a bloody ceiling drip led to the discovery of a murdered corpse on the floor of the flat above.

Dame Helen Mirren photo by Caroline Bonarde Ucci.
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  1. March 6, 2010 10:00 pm

    I really should see The Last Station. I loved An Education! Carey Mulligan was awesome. I hope that she wins. If Avatar wins for Best Picture…well, I am not going to think about that because it’s too depressing.

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