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More Houses (to) Worship: Church-House Renovations

March 22, 2010

Reported first on AngloFiles: Heavenly Homesteading in NY Times

You may remember my mentioning this renovation in Kyloe, near the English-Scottish border, when I posted in November about a church-home conversions. True Anglifiliacs will know I found lots of snaps online, but all were either copyrighted or plagiarized. So I dug around for a few more obscure — and undoubtedly less photoshopped — properties, and found some fun ones that you, and the New York Times, may have missed.

As for the 8-year labor of love in Kyloe, my verdict was: cool spaces, cheesey furnishings.The claw-foot tub watched over by the stained-glass J.C. is terrific, but the huge open spaces were somewhat hard to fill, it looked like. And I still object to the droopy blue couches so central to the living area and the Times photo spread. (I was nevertheless impressed to see the owners actually reclining in them, as well as in the deck chairs above. Was that just for the camera, or do some people really find time for that — on either side of the Atlantic?)

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