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My Own Piece of the Kate & Wills Wedding

April 18, 2011

Merchandise me! My friend, Melinda, of Plum Party, specializes in predicting party trends. And nothing’s more happening right now than crack-of-dawn shindigs to watch Kate and William tie the knot via telly.

Royal Wedding goods are flying out her virtual door. For instance, these tea bags are hot (pun intended).

I love the way the artist even captured that adorable receding hairline.

To dab at (stiff) upper lips during breakfast (which should be beans on toast, fried egg and tomato and kippers, if you want to do it right−save those scones for high tea), use these elegant paper napkins. They’re the ones the royal family will be using. (Kidding!)

But a true AngloFile like me needs something more permanent to mark such a special day. How better than with crockery? It was good enough to commemorate the (ill-fated) coronation of Edward VIII, as with this shaving mug I picked up a few years back at a consignment shop up the road.

Edward VIII Coronation Mug

See where my son broke the handle, by throwing something across the room? He was most contrite. (Again: Kidding, about the contrite part.)

Ceramic plates were also favorites for the (likewise ill-fated) wedding of this royal icon:

But hope springs eternal, and Krazy Glue fixes all. So, I placed my order with a traveling relative for a royal wedding plate, giving her carte blanche as to choice of design. Here is what she brought me from London.

I’ll be using it for scones, though, since I don’t really like kippers.

Dishy Di courtesy of Misocrazy via Flickr.

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