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Bad Wedding Hat Can Finally Do Some Good

May 11, 2011
credit: Mark Cuthbert/Abaca
Beatrice: Improper topper?

Surely, this is the haberdasher’s equivalent of “making a silk purse from a sow’s ear:” Royal granddaughter Beatrice of York is also making lemons from lemonade by auctioning for charity her much mocked “fascinator” from the Wills-and-Kate nuptials. Apparently, it was that or lend it as a life raft for Somali pirates.

Mayan à la mode?

Her unfortunate headwear “instantly became the focus of several Facebook fan pages” on the wedding day, reported People, alluding demurely to thousands of comments that (reported more frankly elsewhere) compared it to antlers, broadcast antennae and “a uterus and fallopian tubes.”  The hat’s designer calls it “21st-century,” but I detect rather a Mayan influence.

Let’s open the bidding at a thousand. Do I hear one thousand pounds?

Beatrice and her sister, Eugenie, also sporting a zoo of a hat, were escorted to the wedding by d0ting father Prince Andrew, the queen’s son and uncle to the groom. Their scandal-plagued mother, Sarah Ferguson, Andrew’s ex-wife, was not invited.

Fergie—known less for a grasp of royal protocol than for dieting, tacky affairs, financial missteps and flogging her royal connections like a carpet dealer in a bazaar—was the one who, in a rare moment of media savvy, reportedly suggested selling the hat to benefit UNICEF. In publicity terms, that surely is making a silk purse from a sow’s ear!

Beatrice photo credit: Mark Cuthbert/Abaca
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